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Expert Bookkeeping Services

You don't have to hire additional staff to do accounting with Knoxville Bookkeeping & Tax Service. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee , we have extensive experience in business-related tax laws and payroll services, as well as tracking and recording accounting activities. Our company specializes in serving:

Restaurants | Retail Stores | Gas Stations | Tobacco Stores | Manufacturing


Manage operating costs in your company with our help. Our bookkeeping services include account reconciliation and general ledgers for the client. This comes with balance sheets and income statement preparation. Account reconciliation also involves balancing the check book. This ensures the accounts are squared with any outstanding checks. Asking for our assistance gives you more management time so you can run your business better.

Tax Preparation

Here at Knoxville Bookkeeping & Tax Service, we can handle all of your individual and business income tax needs. We do tax planning that covers liabilities and minimization for individuals and small businesses. Our company also conducts tax research and offers strategic business formation for clients. Such consultations cost about $125 per hour. Call to inquire about how we can serve your needs. Please also feel free to schedule an appointment with us.